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Streamline your inspection and audit processes with real-time cloud-based digital tools. Work faster and more efficiently – without losing data or wasting time.

Work faster and more efficiently

90% of the total lifetime investment in a facility takes place after the facility is in operation. Efficient facility maintenance management ensures that you get the most from your assets while mitigating operational and financial risks.

All too often, maintenance crews operate with pen and paper or disconnected digital solutions. As a consequence,

  • time is wasted on error-prone transcription or copy-pasting
  • issues are not reported in a timely manner
  • data is lost, and
  • you risk incurring downtime cost or dealing with dissatisfied users.

With LetsBuild, everything happens in the cloud. Forms and checklists help inspection crews perform their work in a standardised and efficient way, and instant communication aids collaboration and speed of action.

Instead of wasting endless hours working with paper work orders, your maintenance team receive their orders on their mobile devices and report status directly from site. Everything is synchronised and management have a clear overview of all routine inspections, audits and compliance activities.

What’s more – streamlined, lean maintenance processes minimise Muda waste, supporting a sustainable environment for all.

“We often had subcontractors arriving on site and not getting any work done because the previous tasks haven’t been completed. With LetsBuild, we have visibility of project progress. So if there is going to be a delay, we let them know a week beforehand.”

Matt Ghinn

Project Director, VolkerFitzpatrick

Routine technical inspections

Regular technical inspections to ensure adherence to standards and regulations are required in many industries. But lack of standardisation in the working procedures makes it almost impossible to maintain a robust system of checks, registrations and follow-ups.

When data is not collected and shared efficiently, operational performance is impacted. The creation of work orders in the ERP system is delayed, and you don’t have sufficient overview of issues and their status.

As a consequence, you may be running the risk of failing audits by authorities. And that puts your entire business at risk.

But when you perform your routine inspections in LetsBuild’s cloud-based environment, you benefit from:

  • Standardised audit processes
  • Quick and efficient communication of issues
  • Timely and detailed reporting
  • Consistently high data quality
  • Audit trail to document communications and actions

Your inspections, checks, and reporting are now all part of the same ecosystem and you have full control over the process.

  • A standardised way of working
  • Higher data quality by facilitating and structuring the way information is captured in the field
  • Reduction in administrative work
  • Quick report generation to the right people
  • Automatic work order creation through systems integration
  • Increased operation performance and ROI with lean processes
  • Being ready for the next legal inspection and audit

Customer example

One of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Europe is benefiting from using LetsBuild for their technical routine inspections every day.

  • More than 45,000 registrations per year
  • 20 MPUs involved
  • 30 buildings
  • 200 LetsBuild users

These are the results achieved so far:

  • Improved operational performance
  • Risks mitigated, ALCOA compliance for data quality and integrity
  • KPI and dashboards produced periodically
  • Implementation of a COP for continuous improvement purpose aligned with OPEX initiatives
  • Implementation of a worldwide support organisation
  • Training matrix developed, assessments and evaluation programs implemented

“The LetsBuild solution is a great value proposition because it brings a high level of standardisation, reduces Muda waste significantly and is fully integrated with our SAP PM. ”

VP, Maintenance

Manage external partners in maintenance operations in LetsBuild for maximum ROI

Audit and compliance

Inefficient audit and assessment procedures are time-consuming and can be error-prone, which increases risk.

  • This applies to all audits and assessments, both
  • Technical installation and infrastructure
  • External and internal
  • Planned and emergency

And whether the audit or assessment is performed by site management, the HSE responsible, Quality Assurance, or a control body.

Whatever the situation, the time it takes to perform an audit is an important factor in ensuring timely reporting and action. But in a case of an emergency, it becomes even more important that the audit or assessment can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Also, transcribing notes taken with pen and paper is not only time-consuming, it may also be inaccurate and cause delays in actioning any observations or incidents.

The resulting risk and quality issues can be a detriment to any organisation. But with LetsBuild, your audit and compliance processes can run smoothly in one cohesive process.

  • Save valuable time
  • Benefit from electronic signatures, ensuring fast action and traceability
  • Field reports and punch lists are quickly generated and shared using mobile devices
  • Ensure that punch lists are followed up until purged
  • Reduce risk and administrative work

Customer example:

At the European Parliament, maintenance operations are carried out in LetsBuild, improving operational performance and ROI.

  • 25 different lists in use
  • More than 75,000 registrations created
  • More than 250 reports generated

“With LetsBuild we have completely defined our processes to maximize ROI using LetsBuild solutions in a multi-site context and with the important need to manage external partners in maintenance operations.”

Laurent Delbecque

Project Manager, EU parliament

ISO dashboards & KPIs

ISO certification and compliance requires ongoing monitoring of the adherence to established processes. In order to sustain a stable ISO environment, it is important to have clear KPIs and always up-to-date dashboards.

With our custom built dashboards and KPIs, you get a management cockpit that allows you to quickly spot non-conformities and issues, quickly see the impact they have and act to rectify them using digitalised processes.

Not only does this ensure that you stay ISO compliant, you will also see that your organisation will become more efficient, reducing Muda waste and producing more with the same FTE.

  • Save valuable time
  • Benefit from electronic signatures, ensuring fast action and traceability
  • Field reports and punch lists are quickly generated and shared using mobile devices
  • Ensure that punch lists are followed up until purged
  • Reduce risk and administrative work

Delivery approach

In delivering your facility maintenance solution to you, our approach centers around your data and we propose to follow the framework of People – Processes – Tools in order to ensure effective onboarding and implementation.


We use Lean processes to ensure operational excellence, with feedback and verification loops to ensure efficient reporting and follow-up.

Observations are registered as location-based “points” in LetsBuild and communicated directly from site from a mobile device. Integration with your ERP ensures swift work order generation and follow-up and aids financial management.


We use the forms and checklists in LetsBuild to help you digitalise and standardise your facility maintenance management.

Through integration, we connect all your field data from technical routine inspections, audits and assessments to your ERP system to create one connected ecosystem for your organisation.


Our experts are there to assist you in training and onboarding your users, defining your KPIs and processes, and in assisting with change management.

We know that getting people onboard and supporting the roll-out is the key to success, and we are fully geared towards ensuring that you benefit from best practices whilst defining the system that fits your organisation.

From process definition through systems integration, staff training, evaluation and adaptation, we work to the principles of: Define – Measure – Improve

LetsBuild can be integrated with:

Streamline your facility inspection and audit processes with LetsBuild